Clinton County school budgets all meet state cap

May 15—PLATTSBURGH — Proposed budgets for all school districts in Clinton County are under the state's adjusted tax cap for the 2024-25 school year.

All budget and school board votes are Tuesday, May 21.

Each district sets its own times for the vote.

All tax rates, when given, are estimated. Some districts say they don't figure the rates now. Precise rates are figured in July or August before tax bills are mailed for Sept. 1.


Total Budget: $52,676,173, increase of $1,889,922, +3.72%.

Tax Levy: $25,521,630, increase of $492,499, +1.97%.

Tax Rate: $20.7354873, increase of +$0.40 (if no increase in total taxable valuation).

Levy meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Program/staff changes: Most notable increases are in special education services/costs.

School Board candidates (three three-year terms): Brigitte Phillips (incumbent), Sandra Ghelman, Gretchen Rabideau, Nathaniel Meuser-Herr, and Nikki Burdo (incumbent).

Vote: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Glasgow Elementary, Momot Elementary and Duken Building (map at


Total Budget: $55,309,972, increase of $2,560,850, +4.85%.

Tax Levy: $24,249,972, increase of $743,216, +3.16%.

Tax Rate: Not given by district.

Levy Meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Proposition: Purchase and finance of three student transport vehicles, not to exceed $489,000.

School board candidates (three three-year terms): Curry Jolicoeur, Joseph F. Graziane, Patricia LaFlam (incumbent), Jason Miller, Ed Marin (incumbent), and Eric Deyo-Pugh.

Vote: District Learning Theater, 197 Haynes Road, West Chazy, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Total budget: $36.43 million, +0%.

Tax levy: $12.19 million, +1.59%.

Tax rate: $17.15, +$0.27.

Levy Meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Program/ staff changes: Health insurance increase, 9%; Rouses Point gym floor project, $100,000;

Proposition: Purchase four 66-passenger diesel buses not to exceed $664,000; $33,000 for community libraries.

School board candidates (two four-year terms): Michelle LaFountain, John Allen Coffman.

Vote: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Middle School gym and Mooers Elementary School gym.


Total Budget: $13,945,000, increase of $855,627, +6.54%.

Tax Levy: $5,688,648, increase of $128,716, +2.3%.

Tax Rate: $15.91 (estimated).

Levy meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Propositions: Authorize $38,000 for the Chazy Public Library.

School Board candidates (one four-year term): Daniel Bernard.

Vote: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., school music room.


Total Budget: $27,749,365, Increase of $577,105, +2.12%.

Tax Levy: $8,375,000, decrease of $150,000, -1.76%.

Tax Rate: $14.509 (estimated).

Levy meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Program/ staff changes: continuation of Pre-K, Summer School, and other extended learning programs.

Propositions: Buy three buses not to exceed $495,000; establish a Capital Reserve Fund (maximum 10 year term) not to exceed $2 million lifetime funding cap.

School Board candidates (two five-year terms): Andrew Durrin and Claudine Clark.

Vote: Noon to 8 p.m., Middle-High School cafeteria.


Total Budget: $54.10 million, +2.12%.

Tax Levy: $20.02 million, +2.84%

Tax Rate: $14.88, towns of Ausable, Black Brook, Peru, Plattsburgh, Saranac, 100% equalization; $20.66, town of Schuyler Falls, 72% equalization

Levy meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Program/staff changes: Challenges such as expiration of federal COVID-19 relief funding, fluctuations in state aid and declining enrollment. Additions include maintaining COVID-19 grant-funded positions and programs in the annual budget: social worker, school counselor, grants coordinator, part-time custodial worker, and PM School programming; as well as new additions of an elementary associate principal and increased funds for building repairs. B Budget includes reductions to instructional positions, support staff positions, and instructional materials.

Proposition: Purchase four standard 65-passenger school buses, at $178,398.63, each for a total of $713,594.

School board candidates (one three-year term): Bonnie Berry (incumbent).

Vote: Peru High School Community Room, noon to 9 p.m.


Total budget: $43,149,471, increase of $2,733,135, +6.76%.

Tax levy: $15,506,450, increase of $397,584, +2.63%.

Tax rate: Not figured by district.

Levy Meets NYS Tax Cap: Yes.

Proposition: District is authorized to spend maximum of $160,000 from Capital Reserve Fund for school buses and associated equipment; appropriate $20,000 for Dannemora Free Library; establish a new 10-year capital reserve not to exceed $2,500,000 for acquisition of machinery and equipment for the construction and reconstruction of improvements and additions to all district buildings, grounds and facilities.

School board candidates (two five-year terms, one one-year term): Incumbent Norman Lewis, incumbent Michelle Pelkey, unopposed for five-year terms; and Bethany White, James Bassett, and Dustin Judd for one-year term.

Vote: Saranac Middle School gymnasium, noon to 8 p.m.