Clinton school district thanks retirees

May 17—The Clinton Community School District is cumulatively losing 676 years of experience, Superintendent Gary DeLacy said Monday as the School Board thanked retirees for their service.

DeLacy, after 23 years with the district, is one of the retirees. The other retirees attending Monday's regular Board meeting, with years of service and their current posting listed, were:

—June Cruthis, 35 years, Eagle Height at-risk teacher and math interventionist

—Barbara Graf, 25 years, Nutrition Services assistant cook at Clinton High School

—Gregory Graf, 18 years, school bus driver

—Lisa Heusinkveld, 31 years, paraeducator at Bluff Elementary

—Roxanne Holland, 31 years, third-grade teacher at Eagle Heights

—Jonelle Kettler, 32 years, primary secretary at Whittier Elementary

—Julie Marsten, 33 years, orchestra director

—Roxanne McElroy, 32 years, Clinton Middle School special ed teacher

—Linda Milder, 19 years, Nutrition Services cashier at Whittier Elementary

—Sue Schroeder, 31 years, school counselor, formerly a science teacher

"If you add their years of experience to the ones who did not attend, but they are retiring this year, we are losing 676 years of service to Clinton School District. So we are losing a lot," DeLacy said. "We are always hopeful that we can bring good people in to fill that, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in terms of your service. You go into education for service. That's what you go into it for, and it is for the kids, and thank you very much for what you have done for our kids over the years in supporting them."

Not in attendance, but also retiring as the school year ends:

—Debra Deters, 29 years, secondary secretary at Clinton High School

—Erin Eggers, 15 years, paraeducator at Whittier Elementary.

—Darla Meyer, 15 years, Nutrition Services kitchen helper at Jefferson Elementary

—Vicki Pawlowski, 30 years, secondary secretary and paraeducator at Clinton High School

Other Clinton school employees who retired earlier this school year are:

—Melanie Bengtson, 32 years, Jefferson Nutrition Services cook manager

—Cyril Cave, 52 years, Plant Services groundskeeper

—Brenda Dunmore, 21 years, Jefferson custodian

—Betty Hagglund, 17 years, Clinton High School Nutrition Services cashier

—Rachel Hansen, 10 years, Whittier instructional strategist 1

—Kenny Lind, 7 years, Bluff custodian

—John Mussmann, 2 years, Plant Services carpenter/painter

—Dorothy Ryan, 29 years, bus monitor

—David Simmons, 4 years, Clinton High School custodian

—Kelly Wright, 35 years, IT director.

The Clinton Community School District employs 629 people.