CNN anchors call out contributor for 'fat-shaming' Donald Trump before cutting off live interview

CNN anchors call out contributor for 'fat-shaming' Donald Trump before cutting off live interview

Boris Sanchez and Brianna Keilar called out CNN commentator Paul Begala and guest Hogan Gidley for referencing both Trump and Joe Biden's bodies.

After months of tense coverage of now-convicted felon Donald Trump's legal woes, anchors Boris Sanchez and Brianna Keilar laid down the law when a network contributor and a conservative interview guest each disparaged the former president's body and President Joe Biden's health on CNN News Central.

The program welcomed Trump's 2020 campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley and CNN political commentator Paul Begala to break down the impact of Trump's historic conviction on 34 felony counts, and things took a turn when the latter criticized Trump's figure.

"There will be some MAGA people that feel some pity. Look, in a way, I do. I mean, he's an obese, flatulent old man with bad makeup and weird hair who had to sit in a courtroom and listen to a porn star testify about how bad he is in bed. If you can't feel sorry for that guy..." Begala said, moments before Sanchez stepped in to ask Gidley a question. Gidley gave an elaborate answer, prompting Keilar to push back on some of the facts he cited, as well as to call out Begala for his prior assessment of Trump's body.

<p>CNN</p> Paul Begala and Hogan Gidley on 'CNN News Central' with Boris Sanchez and Brianna Keilar.


Paul Begala and Hogan Gidley on 'CNN News Central' with Boris Sanchez and Brianna Keilar.

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"Paul, you’re like, fat-shaming the former president,” Keilar said, to which Begala quickly replied: "No, I'm feeling sorry for him. He doesn't look good, he doesn't look healthy, and I'm worried about him. Listening to a porn star testify under oath how not so great of a lover he is? That's sad. I feel sorry for the guy. My heart goes out to him."

Keilar again stressed that she wanted her guests to remain civil in their discussion.

"Pardon me, can we just have a decent conversation?" she asked, though Sanchez cast doubt on the prospect shortly thereafter.

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"If we're going to have a conversation about the health of these two men, bring it," Gidley said, referencing a "physical and mental decline" in Biden, which both Sanchez and Keilar immediately pushed back on.

"That is an issue for voters, guys. You might not want to admit it," Gidley said. "That's just the fact of the matter. People around him are concerned about his health, they have to walk around him in a weird circle to get to Marine One so no one sees his weird gait."

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Sanchez finally stepped in to cut off the interview while Gidley continued to speak. "I think you misinterpreted what we were saying," Sanchez said. "Thank you both for joining us, maybe we'll do it again sometimes. Appreciate you," he continued, as Gidley stopped speaking. The camera cut its feed on both men when Begala — sitting next to both Sanchez and Keilar in the studio — attempted to speak for a final time, but was interrupted by the anchors' throw to a commercial.

"Let's reset here," Keilar finished, moving on to tease upcoming topics on the show.

The on-air exchange came one day after a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty Thursday on all counts at the end of a long trial revolving around a scheme to fraudulently impact the 2016 presidential election with hush-money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels after the pair had sex.

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