Coast Guard Rescues Two Surfers Near Oregon State Park

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) rescued two surfers near Ecola State Park, Oregon, on Sunday, March 5.

A passerby heard the men shouting for help and called 911, the coast guard said.

A coast guard helicopter crew rescued the men and transferred them to EMS personnel on shore, the coast guard said. There were no medical concerns. Credit: USCG Pacific Northwest via Storyful

Video transcript

- Tell all cobs to just turn off all radios.

- All the radios?

- Yeah.

- Check. Sue is going to down.

- Sue's in the water. Easy right. Ease over the rocks. Easy right.

- Other surfers in sight maintaining position.

- There's another five people who's at the door.

- Bringing some of the survivor inside the cabin. There is fiber inside the cabin.

- No questions. [INAUDIBLE] recently. Spider. Again, the Spider hooked up back here. As long a [INAUDIBLE] go for check.

- Go check them, please.

- Someone's going down. Right 30. The survivor outside the cabin door. The survivor inside the cabin.

- Go first in the helicopter.

- A man from the outside drive. [INAUDIBLE]

- [INAUDIBLE] checks. We have both surfers in the plane and we are cleaning up.