Coat Jalapeños In Chocolate For A Sweet And Spicy Treat

chocolate covered jalapeno pepper
chocolate covered jalapeno pepper - Harry & David

There's an old saying that goes, "If you don't know what to do with something, dip it in chocolate and it'll probably be good." Well, no there isn't -- but there easily could be, as a bath in rich chocolate adds a sultry dimension to many foods. For instance, a little dark chocolate and a little white chocolate can turn an ordinary strawberry into a whimsical tuxedo strawberry with an emphasis on the sweet. And who doesn't love a ho-hum pretzel plated in chocolate? Oddities abound too, as culinary questers attempt to out-"wow" each other with off-the-wall pairings. Chocolate-covered pork rolls, Doritos, and garlic are all too real. And another food that seems like a stunt but makes sense when you consider it is the chocolate-covered jalapeño.

For those who find spice nice, a jalapeño is one of the more moderate peppers out there, even if every once in a while a scorcher sneaks into the mix. Jalapeños have a present, but pleasant heat that satisfies and delivers bright, grassy, and fruity notes to boot. All of this makes the pepper a wonderful counter to the sumptuous richness of chocolate. The sweetness and hint of roasted bitterness enrobe the crunch bites of raw pepper and soften its blow as the confection first melts across the palate. As with many sweet and spicy treats, the heat emerges slowly and blends with the chocolate.

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Dunk, Cool, And Enjoy

yangs berries
yangs berries - Yang's Berries/YouTube

When shopping for jalapeños to shower in chocolate, nothing fancy is needed; look for nice, glossy, blemish-free peppers and you should be good to go. Thankfully, making a chocolate shell is fairly straightforward as well. You just need two ingredients: chocolate chips or chunks and coconut oil for a smooth, shiny coating. Place the chocolate and oil in a bowl and either microwave or cook, stirring constantly in a double-boiler with gentle heat so as not to burn or separate the chocolate, then allow it to slightly cool.

Assembling your sweet and spicy treats couldn't be simpler. Take whole jalapeños, give them a wash, and allow them to dry. Then, dip them into the melted dark, milk, or white chocolate that hardens into a shell at room temperature. Dark chocolate will provide deep flavors that contrast with the freshness and spice of the pepper, milk chocolate a creamy sweetness that balances, and white chocolate a sweet canvas that lets the jalapeño shine. And, if taking a bite of a whole pepper just isn't your bag, you can certainly make a mini version of this treat using slices of jalapeños, with or without the seeds and ribs depending on your heat preference.

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