Cobra Faces Off With Otters at Singapore Park

A pretty wild scene played out at an urban park in Singapore recently, when a raft of otters faced off with a cobra.

Footage recorded by Jocelyn Chng shows an equatorial spitting cobra sizing up the smooth-coated otters.

The otters can be seen popping out of the water and surrounding the snake before retreating back into the water.

A later clip shows the snake moving off.

Chng told Storyful the otters are “very curious animals and will often approach or try to interact with other animals that they encounter, including monitor lizards, red-eared sliders, birds, and dogs.”

“Some of the otters went up the river bank to try and investigate the cobra further, which caused the cobra’s defensive reaction of raising his/her hood and hissing at them. Eventually the otters went back into the water and the cobra slid away, both continuing on their way,” Chng said.

Smooth-coated otters are native to Singapore and listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The equatorial spitting cobra is also commonly found in Singapore, and can be encountered in leafy suburbs and high-density housing areas. Credit: Jocelyn Chng via Storyful