Coco Gauff Jokes 'Thank God' Her Boyfriend Doesn't Play Tennis After Seeing “Challengers”

Gauff shared her full review of Zendaya's new film and said she thought it was a "really well-done movie"

<p>Clive Brunskill/Getty; Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures</p> Coco Gauff (left); Mike Faist, Zendaya and Josh O

Clive Brunskill/Getty; Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Coco Gauff (left); Mike Faist, Zendaya and Josh O'Connor in 'Challengers'

Coco Gauff made a hilarious realization about her personal life after seeing the new film, Challengers, in which Zendaya plays an intense tennis star.

Gauff, 20, reacted to the film, which follows Zendaya's character as she navigates a love triangle with two fellow tennis players, and said, "I told my boyfriend, ‘Thank God you don't play tennis,’ because [Tashi Duncan is] right, I would not want to date a scrub on tour," according to an Instagram post from ESPNW.

After ESPNW shared the quote, Gauff clarified that her comments were taken a bit too seriously. "I was joking bruh 😭😭 plz don’t take this seriously," she wrote in the comments on the post.

Gauff has kept her relationship mostly private, but the No. 3-ranked player in the world recently shared more details about her relationship during an interview with Time.

“This is my first real relationship,” Gauff said, adding, “To just have someone to talk to who is not involved in tennis at all gives me a fresh perspective.”

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Gauff also revealed that her mother, Candi Gauff, was once her mystery man's fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta. “My mom always said, if they’re bad in school, they’re probably bad as adults,” Candi told Time. “He’s always been a smart, nice kid," she added.

<p>BARBARA GINDL/APA/AFP/Getty</p> Coco Gauff (center) with her parents Corey and Candi Gauff


Coco Gauff (center) with her parents Corey and Candi Gauff

Gauff watched Challengers on April 28 with Candi and shared her full review of the film during an Instagram Live after the screening.

"I thought it was a really well-done movie," Gauff said to her followers.

The tennis star said she thinks she would have been a friendly competitor to Zendaya's character, Tashi Duncan, if she were a real tennis pro. "I think in a weird sense, Tashi and I could have been friends on tour. Not close friends, we would have been frenemies. We would have respected each other," she said.

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Gauff also holds a special connection to the film as her coach, Brad Gilbert, served as the cast's athletic trainer for the movie.

<p>Robert Prange/Getty</p> Brad Gilbert (left) and Coco Gauff

Robert Prange/Getty

Brad Gilbert (left) and Coco Gauff

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During her Instagram Live, Gauff encouraged her fans to keep an eye open for Gilbert's cameo in the film, joking that he is a "future Oscar nominee" for the role.

Before seeing Challengers, Gauff, who is a big fan of Zendaya's, was asked about Gilbert's work on the film at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix on April 17 in Germany, where she said her coach shared "some Zendaya stories" with her.

"I have some Zendaya stories. Not any bad ones. Just about her training for the movie. Yeah, he said that she picked it up decently well. I mean, it's hard to replicate tennis, but one thing he did say, she is a hard worker and she was trying as hard as she can to make it as perfect as she could and that she's a super-sweet girl," Gauff shared during the interview.

Gilbert told PEOPLE that the cast of Challengers was “fun to work with” and those involved shared plenty of “camaraderie and chemistry.” He also noted that Zendaya "has a lot of DNA of a tennis player."

He elaborated by noting that the actress is "really dedicated to what she's doing and doesn't take anything for granted. She's a pleasure to be around… because of the focus, the grit, the determination it takes to transform yourself to become this character."

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