How You Take Your Coffee Can Say a lot About You

If you're an introvert who's a morning person and enjoys "Law and Order", then there's a good chance you prefer your coffee black.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans examined the personality traits of people based on how they take their coffee: black, with sugar, with milk (or other dairy variety/substitute), or with milk and sugar.

Results discovered that ambiverts (people who are equally intro and extroverts) are most likely to have their coffee with milk and sugar (45 percent).

The study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Dutch Bros revealed that when it comes to the battle between feline and canine, black coffee drinkers have gone to the dogs, as have those who take their coffee with sugar or milk and sugar.

People who like just milk in their coffee were the most likely to be diplomatic between the two sides and say they like dogs and cats equally (38 percent).

When it comes to the seasons of the year, black coffee drinkers stand alone as the group most likely to name winter as their favorite (40 percent).

All other coffee drinkers who like a little something extra in their brew chose summer as the best season.

That's not the only seasonal difference between people based on their coffee likes. The results showed that how people take their coffee can get...astrological.

People who prefer their coffee black or with sugar are most likely to be Tauruses, while people who like to add milk were more likely to be Aries.

Leos were more likely to add a little milk and sugar to their morning cup.

Results also found the personality differences even extended to the television shows people enjoy.

Three in five people who took milk in their coffee loved watching the battle for the Iron Throne in "Game of Thrones".

Those who take sugar in their coffee prefer lighter fair and are more likely to seek out the fast-talking wit on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel".

Coffee with milk people were 49 percent more likely to tune into "Big Little Lies" than those that take their coffee straight.

When it comes time for a laugh, people who like milk and sugar were 19 percent more likely to turn on "The Big Bang Theory" than black coffee drinkers.

"Coffee and drink orders, in general, are really personal," said Bryce Schneider, barista for Dutch Bros Coffee. "We have more than 100,000 drink combinations and customers still find ways to add their own special twist- it's how they express themselves."

Coffee preferences affect people's sleeping habits beyond caffeine keeping people up at night. As it turns out, black coffee drinkers are the most likely to consider themselves as light sleepers.

Waking up at the slightest sound may play a part in 48 percent of black coffee drinkers also describing themselves as "always" on time.

Four in ten people who drink their coffee with sugar said they're "often" on time, but people who take milk and sugar in their cups, were the most likely group to be "never" punctual.

"Crafting coffee and connecting with people is what we're all about," said Aileen Garibay, barista for Dutch Bros Coffee. "We really see people's style and personality in all the ways that they make their drinks unique to them."