Colbert’s message to Netanyahu after World Central Kitchen deaths: ‘Consider ending the war’

Stephen Colbert is calling on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to end the country’s war with Hamas, making an impassioned plea following the deaths of six World Central Kitchen workers and a translator in Gaza.

“One of our self-imposed mandates is that, if we can, we talk about what everybody’s talking about. And today, what everybody’s talking about is something that’s pretty hard to talk about: Israel and Gaza,” Colbert said on Wednesday’s “The Late Show.”

“Since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, the world has seen the horrible, inhuman cost of this conflict. And there is passionate disagreement in this country about what is the best way for Israelis and Palestinians to achieve a peaceful and prosperous future,” Colbert said.

“But I hope there’s one thing we can all agree on: Human beings should have food and water.”

Netanyahu took responsibility Tuesday for the deadly strike that killed the World Central Kitchen aid workers a day earlier.

The charity group said its team was traveling in an armored convoy and had coordinated with Israel about movements before the strike.

“This happens in war,” Netanyahu said in a statement, vowing to conduct a “thorough inquiry” into the “tragic event.”

“Nothing just ‘happens,'” Colbert said in response to Netanyahu’s remarks.

“You are responsible. If your answer is, ‘This happens in war,’ then maybe consider ending the war, because this is not an isolated incident,” Colbert said to applause from the audience.

“As many of you know, the World Central Kitchen is near and dear to my heart,” Colbert continued.

“It was founded by our friend, chef José Andrés, to bring food to hungry people after natural disasters and in war zones.”

Making an appeal for donations to World Central Kitchen, Colbert said, “Whatever you think should happen in Israel and Gaza, I hope we can all agree that people should be allowed to eat.”

“Do something radical: Feed people,” Colbert said.

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