Colin the Caterpillar has had another makeover in time for Christmas

Harriet Pavey
Christmas Colin hits the shelves next month: Marks and Spencer

You’ve heard of Colin, his wife Connie and his ghoulish twin Count Colin, but now it’s time to meet… Christmas Colin.

That’s right, Marks & Spencer’s famous caterpillar has had another makeover just in time for the festive season.

The Yuletide Colin alter ego comes in a pack of five miniature versions of the nation’s favourite edible caterpillar.

The little Colins have donned chocolate Santa hats and sugar holly leaf decorations for the occasion, but they’re still the chocolate flavour we all know and love.

And as they’re individual miniatures, there’ll be no more fighting about who gets to eat Colin’s white chocolate face.

At £2 a pack, the mini caterpillars are a slightly more affordable option than their larger siblings, so no need to hold back in the spirit of Christmas excess.

Don’t go rushing to bring Christmas Colin home just yet, though: M&S have only just released the Halloween version of Colin. But it won’t be long before our festive friend hits the shelves: the first week of October, to be precise.

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