Colin Farrell teases The Batman spin-off details

Colin Farrell has given details about what fans can expect from The Batman spin-off show, The Penguin.

The actor will reprise his movie role of Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, in the upcoming HBO series.

"It's really dark and really heavy," he told MovieZine. "It's incredibly violent. It's one man's rise to what he's always dreamed of inhabiting, which is a certain power or social status."

Colin, 47, also revealed that the show will continue the story that The Batman movie started.

"The death of Carmine Falcone at the end of the film leaves this vacuum in Gotham to be filled, so there are various people grabbing for that power," he said. "This is Oswald's journey of trying to rise to the top through extraordinary obstacles. It's super dark... (it's) a really twisted 8 hours of television."

The show also stars Cristin Milioti and Mark Strong. It is due to air later this year.