Colorful Cardboard Barbie Van, Stanley Cup and More Race in Sled Competition

Creative cardboard sleds raced down the slopes of Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Friday, March 1.

Footage filmed by AJ Stevens shows a packed Barbie van, a fighter jet, a Stanley cup, a robot, a swing set and a gas station sliding down the slope.

The event, named the Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic 2024, was part of Montage Mountain’s Mountainfest. Credit: AJ Stevens via Storyful

Video transcript

- Barbie sled is coming down.

- Oh man.

- Here it comes.

- Oh my god. It's moving!

- And it is starting to pick up speed. And it's [INAUDIBLE]. The bright pink Barbie sled has [INAUDIBLE].


- Some people are jumping out--

- Hit the accelerator.

- Push! Push!

- Push that thing. Push that thing. Push that thing. Push that. Come on now.

- Oh wow. Oh nice. Look at that.



- Oh no. [INAUDIBLE]


- [INAUDIBLE] kick your balls into outer space.


- Oh, come on. Oh, it seems like it's underway, Preston. It's a beautiful [INAUDIBLE].


- Here they come.

- Oh my god.


- Oh my god. Oh my god.

- Good job!


- It's coming down now. Oh, it's picking up speed.


- Let's go!