The colourful slug resistant flowers with 'longest' blooms are 'happy in shade'

Stock photo showing close-up, elevated view of white and red flowering busy lizzies (Impatiens) in terracotta troughs standing on tarmac surrounding the base of a tree trunk.
Busy lizzies are also known as impatiens -Credit:Getty

The summer months are upon us with many people finally taking to the garden.

As we approach June and July, people will be looking to sit out on their outdoor furniture with a thirst quenching drink in hand looking at at their blooming garden. Thankfully though, there is one plant that we should all have in our garden that not only is slug resistant, but they're also easy to grow and they're happy in shade.

Taking to TikTok, Amy, also known as @thelockdowngardener who knows all things plants, flowers and gardening, said that people should buy busy lizzies. Aldo known as impatiens, Amy says they "are one of my garden staples."

These beautiful plants are not only easy to care for, but they're a colourful and popular annual bedding plant which can be displayed indoors or outdoors. You can grow impatiens in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes, as well as borders and raised beds making them very versatile.

If you want to have them in your own garden, try planting them now or earlier in spring, so they bloom for summer. Amy showed off the hot pink flowers which are sure to add a splash of colour to any garden.

She explained: "These flowers have the longest bloom time, are really easy to grow, are slug resistant and are happy in the shade. They are busy lizzies, also known as impatients.

"They usually flower until the first frost. Mine flowered from May through to November. They are ideal for pots or they can go in the ground as well. They don't seem to have any problems with diseases like powdery mildew and slugs don't touch them.

"They are really easy to propagate as well. So before the frost gets them you could get some cuttings and bring them in the house to have as houseplants."

Getting over 23,000 views, almost seven hundred likes and hundreds of comments one said: "I love them, and buy them every year." Another added: "Need lots of water, but we get enough rain" with laughing emojis.

"I love these! They are ace in the summer aren’t they!" wrote a third.

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