Everything you need to know about Channel 5 drama Coma

Jason Watkins stars as a man who finds himself in an impossible scenario

Jason Watkins - Coma. (Channel 5)
Jason Watkins leads the cast of Coma. (Channel 5)

Channel 5 is bringing the drama with its new TV series Coma, which stars Jason Watkins as a man who makes a split-second decision that could prove to be the end of him.

With a lot of buzz surrounding the series ahead of its release, viewers are no doubt wondering when and where they can watch it. Here is everything that we know so far.

When is Coma airing on TV?

Joe Barber (Jordan) and Jason Watkins (Simon) in Coma. (Channel 5)
Joe Barber (Jordan) and Jason Watkins (Simon) in Coma, which follows Simon and the consequences of his actions after he confronts a group of youths terrorising the neighbourhood. (Channel 5)

Coma premieres on Channel 5 from Monday, 18 March at 9pm. The four part series will air on a weekly basis thereafter.

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For those interested in streaming the series, it will be available to watch on My5. But the show will not be dropped as a binge release on the streaming platform, so viewers will have to tune in every week to find out what happens next.

What is Coma about?

Jason Watkins is Simon in Coma. (Channel 5)
In Coma, Simon tries to do everything he can in order to keep his secrets hidden after Jordan ends up in a coma. (Channel 5)

Coma follows Watkins' Simon, a mild-mannered man who lives in a neighbourhood being terrorised by a gang of youths led by Jordan (Joe Barber).

When he confronts the group over their actions, Simon becomes the target of Jordan's ire who comes to his home and tries to break into his car as a means of threatening him. This pushes Simon over the edge. A confrontation between the two leads to Jordan fighting for his life in a coma.

Joe Barber (Jordan) and Jason Watkins (Simon) in Coma. (Channel 5)
Joe Barber (Jordan) and Jason Watkins (Simon) in Coma. (Channel 5)

Rather than confess to his crimes, Simon tells police he found Jordan injured and so he's praised for acting quick enough to save the teen's life.

Except now Simon has to find a way to keep the dark secret buried, especially when he comes face to face with Jordan's criminal father Paul (Jonas Armstrong).

Who stars in Coma?

David Bradley - Coma. (Channel 5)
David Bradley also stars in Coma. (Channel 5)

Watkins is joined by David Bradley as Simon's neighbour Harry who witnesses the altercation with Jordan. Elsewhere, the series stars Barber and Armstrong as the aforementioned Jordan and Paul, and Claire Skinner as Simon's wife Beth.

Other actors set to appear in the series include Kayla Meikle, David Mumeni, Matilda Firth, and Adrienn Reti.

Is there a trailer for Coma?

Jonas Armstrong - Coma. (Channel 5)
Jonas Armstrong plays Jordan's father Paul in Coma. (Channel 5)

Yes, there is a trailer for Coma which teases what is to come for Watkins' Simon as he scrambles to avoid being found out for his actions against Jordan. It raises the question of how far he is willing to go to protect himself.

The trailer teases the concept of the story and shares what viewers can expect from the thriller.

Watch the trailer for Coma:

Coma premieres on Channel 5 on Monday, 18 March at 9pm.