'Would You Like to Come in?': Grandparents Delighted After Prankster Parents Leave Infant on Doorstep

A couple in Clermont, Florida, who thought their baby’s grandparents hadn’t offered to babysit in a while, fixed the situation by leaving the infant on their doorstep on December 30.

The adorable prank was recorded by TikTok user @stephcarter_ and shows her son sitting in his floor seat by himself, after she rings the bell and runs away to hide.

The door then opens to a seemingly delighted grandfather asking the baby, “Would you like to come in? Are you here to visit?” before his wife joins in and the baby is welcomed in with joyful applause.

Commenting on the outcome, @stephcarter_ told Storyful: “Mission completed when baby successfully made it inside without even an appearance from mom and dad!” Credit: @stephcarter_ via Storyful

Video transcript





- Would you like to come in? Are you here to visit? Hi.

- I guess they're tired of him.

- Just left you.

- They just left you.

- Yay.


- Well, I tell you, you'll get a lot more help here than you will from them.

- Come on, let's go close the door. Thank you.


- Lock the door.



- We're going to [INAUDIBLE].