‘The comeback is real’: Liam Gallagher gives health update after major surgery

Liam Gallagher has provided fans with a health update, disclosing that he recently underwent major surgery.

The former Oasis musician told followers on Twitter that he is currently recuperating after an operation on his hip.

“Morning Rastas,” he wrote. “So I had my Hip operation last wk all went well and RESPEK to all the doctors n nurses who looked after me.

“Big shout out to the A team for getting us home safe n sound you know who you are and Florence guru I love and adore you Riverdance here I come LG x”

Fans sent the artist well wishes, with one person telling him that they hoped the medical procedure wouldn’t affect Gallagher’s “swagger”.

“I’m getting my physio to study old videos of my walk so we don’t miss a trick,” he wrote in response. “The comeback is real.”

In a follow-up tweet, Gallagher wrote: “Hip hip hooray.”

While Gallagher has long been estranged from his brother and ex-Oasis bandmate Noel Gallagher, he has repeatedly expressed a willingness to reform the Britpop outfit.

In a recent interview, Noel addressed calls for an Oasis reunion, claiming that it would take an “extraordinary set of circumstances” for the pair to reform.

However, the High Flying Birds musician did claim that he would “never say never” to returning to Oasis.

Earlier this month, Liam tweeted that his brother had contacted out and “wants to meet up”.

Back in November, the singer also hit back at Robbie Williams’s claim that Oasis were “gigantic bullies” at the height of the band’s popularity.

The “Lost” singer told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe: “Ultimately, I’m a huge fan of Oasis and [always] was. I was there and I was part of it, and it was f***ing unbelievable: incredible hedonism, reckless abandon and rock’n’roll, and ‘let’s turn it to 11, 12 and let’s see where this goes’.

“It’s part of that competitive nature of me, too,” he continued, before adding, “And also they were gigantic bullies too, to the whole industry, everybody in it – and I didn’t like that.”