Comedian Guz Khan 'locked two students and colleague in cupboard' at Grace Academy in Coventry

Comedian Guz Khan taught at Grace Academy in Coventry
Comedian Guz Khan taught at Grace Academy in Coventry -Credit:Reach

Comedian Guz Khan revealed that he 'locked two students and a colleague in a cupboard' when he was working at Grace Academy in Coventry. He made the hilarious admission on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Guz, 38, grew up in Hillfields and attended Stoke Park School. He graduated from Coventry University and went on to teach Humanities at Grace Academy.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2021, Guz opened up about his time at Grace Academy. He revealed that he was still working there when he was filming the hit BBC series 'Man Like Mobeen.'

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In the resurfaced clip shared by The Jonathan Ross Show on Facebook on Saturday, May 11, Guz said: “When you are from a working-class tough town like Coventry, you do not really do this acting stuff. It is not a dream that you do.

“You work, you go to school, then you die, that is the plan, so when I stumbled into comedy it was still really surreal and I was at a time in my life where like for the first time I was being sensible. We had just had my daughter so everything is going OK.

“Guz is, you know, behaving himself for once and then the comedy thing started kicking off and so I remember someone who is really important, super pivotal, she is called Gill Isles.”

He continued: “She was the producer on 'Man Like Mobeen'. She did not believe me! She was like: 'Oh you must have done stand-up and stuff for a few years?'

“I am like: 'Nah, man, we are just, we are in Cov, if you do not believe me come and have a look so she travelled from London to Coventry to meet me in school and I only had an hour slot, so she came to see me and the first memory she still tells me is that when she got there I was all hot and flustered and I was breaking up kids because one of the kids had told the other one that he looked like David Cameron so they were swinging it out.”

Host Jonathan interjected saying: “No wonder there was a fight!” Guz joked: “It was a very serious situation! So I had to break that up, it was very serious.”

Jonathan said: “So you were in a very tough situation there but showing off no doubt your skills in diplomacy?” Guz responded: “Exactly, well, a little bit, I put them both in a cupboard but it worked so it is fine.”

Guz revealed that he also put one of his colleagues in a cupboard, saying: “Yeah, he was a d******d as well. Only because he was a hater so he snitched on me and told the senior leadership team like the principal and stuff that I had not been marking my books.”

Jonathan asked whether he had been doing his marking, to which he responded: “I had not been marking the books but that is not important, you are not supposed to snitch, so I just locked him in the cupboard because he was p*****g me off.”

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