Comedian Iain Lee has come out as bisexual

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LEEDS, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 19:  Iain Lee wins an award at the Audio & Radio Industry Awards at First Direct Arena Leeds on October 19, 2017 in Leeds, England.  (Photo by Andrew Benge/Redferns)
Iain Lee wins an award at the Audio & Radio Industry Awards at First Direct Arena Leeds in 2017 (Photo by Andrew Benge/Redferns)

Comedian Iain Lee has come out as bisexual at the age of 46.

The former star if The 11 O’Clock Show and I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! last year announced he had split from his wife, with whom he has two young sons.

Lee confessed on his talkRadio show: "I guess I'm coming out at the age of 46.

"I'm terrified by it."

The former RI:SE presenter revealed he had been abused by men as a teenager and that had left him confused about his own sexuality.

He continued: "I've started again with this brilliant therapist and councillor. I've been doing a lot of work with him trying to get through this sodding depression.

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"He's helped me realise that I'm probably bisexual. That's a big thing to come out.

"I've been reminded of a lot of stuff that started when I was 14 or 15 years old when I was involved and engaged in sex acts with significantly older men.

"This went on for quite a while. I've had a lot of confusion about it... these things happened and then I started putting myself in positions where they'd happen again. Now I can see that it was abuse – a 14-year-old me and 60-year-old guy, I can see it was abuse. He's helped me look at that in kind of a new light."

Lee also tweeted about coming out live on air.

He said: "This week I kind of came out on air as bi and the support has been nuts. So Like thanks. I'll probably delete this tweet as I still feel embarrassed and ashamed and weird but I'm working on it."

Some have praised Lee’s confession as brave, and offered support, including comedian Shappi Khorsandi.

Others have accused him of attention seeking, to which he hit back, claiming he had declined several interview requests since coming out.

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