Comedian Janey Godley tells fans she is clear of cancer

Watch: Janey Godley shares cancer update

Comedian Janey Godley has revealed that she is free of cancer.

The 61-year-old – who is a regular panellist on Have I Got News For You – told fans last year that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and that she needed a hysterectomy.

She recently had a scan after undergoing chemo and posted a video on Instagram to share the results with her followers.

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Brushing away tears, Godley said: “Hello everybody, I've just had a phone call from the cancer specialist and the scan has come back clear.

"There is no evidence of disease.

“So after a hysterectomy and six rounds of chemo and the blood transfusion, it seems like the NHS has definitely save my life.”

Godley thanked the NHS and everybody involved with her care, and said how grateful she was for the woolly hats people had knitted for her while she was having treatment.

"I want to thank everybody who supported me, everybody that sent me love, everybody that sent me so much strength and told me that they were thinking of me," she said.

“Thanks. Thanks so much.”

"My cup is full with gratefulness,” she added.

Janey Godley had been battling ovarian cancer. (Bafta)
Janey Godley had been battling ovarian cancer. (Bafta)

The Traces actor previously said she went public with her diagnosis to highlight her symptoms — bloating, stomach pain, tiredness and needing to urinate more often — as she urged other women not to delay getting checked out if they felt the same.

Godley had told fans that her scan was coming and said she was preparing herself for both good and bad news.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine last month, the Scottish star said: "When people meet me they are like, 'Oh don’t worry you are going to be fine' and you are like, 'Well you really don’t know that' and I have to accept that I might not be fine.

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"I’ve prepared myself on that."

Watch: Comedian Janey Godley reveals she has ovarian cancer