Comedian lifts lid on health scare after discovering lump on neck

Ayrshire comedian Billy Kirkwood is set to make a return to the stage as he brings his high-energy show ‘Wild Thing’ to this summer’s Edinburgh Festival.

After recent surgery almost put the brakes on Billy’s career, the Kilmarnock-based comic is back and more determined than every to bring his unique brand.

Selling out at the Glasgow Comedy festival earlier this year, “Wild Thing” is described as ‘a rollercoaster of humour, ADHD and high spirits’ blending Billy’s optimism with his signature, no-holds-barred comedic style.

The show promises to be a whirlwind of laughter and unfiltered hilarity, celebrating the beauty of attacking life with an unyielding positive attitude and making the most out of every moment.

Billy, originally from Irvine, said: “I’ve always been an all guns blazing kind of guy, so the idea of slowing down in any way has always been a scary one, but the worst thing happened when we found a lump in my neck.

“That then very suddenly got a lot worse and went straight from a doctor’s waiting room to an Operation table.”

However, he tackled the challenges head on with the type of fervour he brings to his performances, adding: “The support from my family, friends, everyone and fans has been overwhelming. I can’t wait to get back out there and share my passion for comedy and life with everyone. Since getting the all clear I simply haven’t stopped smiling.

“Over the last year, I’ve been putting myself out there a lot more, more shows, radio and creative works talking more openly about my life-long ADHD.

“What I think and feel has made so many amazing connections and made me listen to what I want to share with an audience onstage and so Wild Thing is unfiltered, silly nonsense with only one goal - giving crowds a fun heart-beating comedy experience at the Fringe.”

Billy Kirkwood: Wild Thing will be playing at the Beehive Inn at 2.45pm from August 2 until August 26.

For tickets and more information click here.

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