Comedian Seann Walsh shares dad's amusing note to teacher over confiscated jumper that says 'life's hard enough'

Eleanor Rose
'Life's hard enough': Seann Walsh's dad's light-hearted letter: Twitter/SeannWalsh

Comedian Seann Walsh has shared a hilarious letter from his dad scolding a teacher who confiscated his son's jumper in which he tells him "life's hard enough".

In the brutally honest missive sent in May 2000 when Mr Walsh was in Year 9 his father said the punishment was "just a little bit petty".

He admitted his son had turned up to school in a non-uniform jumper because he had a cold.

The letter, sent by fax, reads: "Sean tells me that you have confiscated his sweater.

"He tells me that in class he conforms to the school uniform.

"He was absent from school on Monday with a cold, so travelling on Wednesday without his sweater was not too clever."

No sweater: Seann Walsh's jumper was confiscated back in Year 9 (PA Archive/PA Images)

He added that his son's coat had not been wearable as it had a stain on it.

The concerned father said he was not able to use the washing machine because his wife was away and he didn't know how.

"His mother was in Cyprus last week on a break and I, unfortunately, was not able to use the washing machine," he adds.

"Sean was too embarrassed at having a father who cannot use a washing machine to say this."

He concludes: "Anyway my point is: Isn't this just a little bit petty? Life's hard enough."

The comedian shared his dad's letter on Twitter, to the delight of his fans who said the story resonated.

One woman wrote: "You'll be glad to hear schools are still just as petty!! ... My son gets a bad mark if caught inside school whilst wearing his coat."

Another wrote: "What a great dad... in spite of his laundry ineptitude."