Comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura Launch Por Osos Vodka

Comedians and podcasters Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura are jumping into the spirits game with a new vodka brand.

The duo, who co-host the hit comedy podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave, have partnered with venture studio Drip MFG to launch their own vodka brand, Por Osos. While the pair are known for their jokes, they’re taking this new venture quite seriously.

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“We were very much fingers in the pie on every aspect,” Kreischer tells The Hollywood Reporter. “From the bottle cap, down to the kind of bear image. I mean, we really, really had our fingers in this.”

The pair note that they had been approached many times before to create something in the liquor space. They waffled between a few types of liquor before settling on vodka. Kreischer feels that vodka is a “natural fit,” while Segura notes that there “hasn’t been anybody disruptive in the vodka space.”

Por Osos has partnered with Mexcor Distribution with the plan to make the vodka accessible to their consumers. They’re currently rolling out the product in Texas, where the focus remains for the moment. The plan is to roll out in Florida, California and Nevada after that. In addition to vodka, Kreischer and Segura released a merch line for the company, which they’re selling on their website.

Por Osos is also set to launch a new commercial, which the company shared with THR (below). In the commercial, the 2 Bears, 1 Cave co-hosts share a glass of their new vodka while Segura questions his best friend, Kreischer, on whether or not he even knows Segura’s middle name.

Prior to the brand’s official launch party on March 5, Kreischer and Segura took their comedy — and their new vodka — to Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend. They headlined a show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena the night before the game that attracted attendees such as Grammy-nominated singer Jelly Roll, upcoming Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Kelce.

However, Kreischer and Segura both shared excited sentiments about one guest in particular: Guy Fieri. Kreischer says that Fieri told the duo that he loved the vodka. “He’s the legend,” Kreischer says, with Segura adding, “His enthusiasm was very exciting to be around. It was fun to see his reaction.”

In addition to the new venture, Kreischer and Segura’s schedules are both quite full at the moment. Segura owns a podcasting company, Your Mom’s House Studios, and the tour section of each of their respective websites is jam-packed with stand-up dates. “Our lives are definitely full right now, but I think neither one of us is complaining,” Segura says. “We’re very lucky. We’re very fortunate.”

A year from now, according to Segura, the goal is to have Por Osos be available nationwide or close to nationwide. However, he notes that the pace he and Kreischer are currently moving at feels right.

“This announcement went really well. The demand in this state [Texas] is great,” Segura says. “So, we’re just taking it one step at a time.”

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