Comer, Fox News host suggest Hunter Biden ‘taking the fall’ for the president

Fox News host Jesse Watters and House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) on Tuesday suggested Hunter Biden is “taking the fall” for President Biden after being convicted of federal felony gun charges in Delaware.

Watters, speaking with Comer on Tuesday night, asked the Kentucky Republican if the president’s son is “taking the fall to save his dad.”

“Well, it sure looks like that,” Comer said on Fox News’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“So, until the Department of Justice takes the real serious crimes into account, justice has not been served,” Comer continued. “If I listed the top 10 crimes the president’s son committed, lying on a gun application would’ve even make the cut.”

Hunter Biden was found guilty on Tuesday of three felony counts over lying on federal forms about his drug use to illegally purchase a gun, making him the first child of a sitting president to be criminally convicted.

President Biden reaffirmed last week he would not pardon his son and would accept the outcome of the case.

“You know what? He [Hunter Biden] looks like someone that’s got a pardon in his back pocket,” Comer said, despite Biden’s remarks. “People asked today, ‘Will the President pardon Hunter Biden?’ Well they’re not finished, the Department of Justice isn’t finished with him.”

Comer pointed to Hunter Biden’s upcoming tax evasion trial in California, along with the criminal referral sent by Comer and two other GOP leaders asking the DOJ to bring criminal charges against the president’s son and brother, James Biden.

The 65-page referral accuses Hunter and James Biden of lying to lawmakers during conversations with investigators and withholding information as part of “what appears to be a conscious, calculated effort to insulate Joe Biden from the duly authorized impeachment inquiry.”

The matters in question, however, have limited connection to the president.

“As I said many times before in the past week, we’re not finished. The criminal referrals are just the beginning of the accountability phase,” Comer said. “We’ve gone through great lengths and we’ve been very transparent and substantive with the American people about the money this family’s taken.”

Comer has been a central figure in the House GOP impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The inquiry, however, has struggled solidify evidence that the Biden family engaged in corruption and that Biden was involved in his son’s foreign business deals while serving as vice president.

The Hill reached out to the White House for further comment.

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