Comical footage of overexcited pub-goer pouring beer over his head as he enjoyed his first pint after lockdown goes viral.

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Hilarious footage showing the moment an overexcited pub-goer poured beer over his head as he enjoyed his first pint after lockdown has gone viral. 

Charlie Richards, 45, was so ecstatic to back at his local that he gleefully showered himself in the first lager he had ordered in over four months.

Friend Mark Williams filmed the comical moment and the video has now gone viral on Facebook being viewed across the world by more than 210,000 people.

The pair headed to The Abbey in St Helens, Merseyside, when restrictions eased on Monday (12/4) and got a little too excited at their first taste of freedom in months.

Charlie can be seen saying "I've missed this" as he takes his first sip before be begins washing his face with his much-awaited beer.

The joker then drenches himself by pouring half of the glass over his head as pal Mark, 46, bursts into fits of laughter. 

Dad-of-two Charlie, of St Helens, who co-owns a window manufacturing business, said: "I live quite close to my local and it's a really great pub.

"I'm always messing around really but on Monday the sun was out and I got two pints instead of one because there was a queue.

"My mate was just doing a video showing everyone there really enjoying the day as the pub has just been done up. 

"As the camera went onto me, I got a bit excited and ended up splashing the beer on my face like aftershave before pouring it over my head for a few laughs.

"I didn't plan on doing it. I just thought 'whatever' and poured it on my head.

"There were a couple of girls sitting at the back and you heard them gasp and then there were people looking at me like I was a bit weird.

"But I only live close so I walked out to get changed and the landlord just rolled his eyes and wasn't surprised.

"And then I just came back and ordered another pint."

Charlie is well known by locals for making funny videos and previously posted footage of himself pretending to cry outside the pub when it closed during lockdown.

But he says he cannot believe the stir his latest video has caused after it attracted views from as far away as New Zealand and Dubai. 

He added: "During lockdown we just filmed a stupid video of me on the floor on all fours crying outside the pub on the day it shut.

"I put that on social media and that went massive but this video has taken off like I never imagined. 

"All of my friends were texting me saying Charlie you're on 60,000 views and that I was famous and then before I knew it it was on 210,000.

"I have a mate who lives in New Zealand and he text me about it because someone in his office showed him the video and he recognised that it was me.

"Another mate is working in Dubai at the minute and he text me about it too.

"It's just gone absolutely crazy for something that was just a little laugh. It was just something to cheer people up.

"I was just so made up to be back in the pub and the sun was out as well and it was just good to see a pint glass instead of a normal one at home.

"It's just good to be back in my local and I'm sure it's the same for everyone."