Commission skips vote on $100,000 payment to former city manager, expected to vote at a later date

DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — The Dothan City Commission moved forward Tuesday without deciding to pay former city manager Kevin Cowper over $100,000 in separation assistance.

During the commission meeting on Tuesday morning, commissioners unanimously voted to remove Cowper’s possible payment from the agenda when it was brought up.

The item to vote on Cowper’s separation pay was in the commission’s resolution 25: Awarding bids and approving other purchases over $30,000.00 by the City and appropriating funds for said purchases. The commission approved the amended resolution after voting to take out Cowper’s separation pay.

The commission says they will bring up Cowper’s separation pay at a later date.

Last month, the commission voted not to renew Cowper’s contract and appointed his Assistant City Manager, Ronald Morris, to serve in his position.

While the $104,000 was not legally owed to Cowper, Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba said it was to end Cowper’s time with the city on a good note.

According to the commission’s agenda, Cowper’s separation payment equaled up to six months of his salary and health and dental insurance.

“This is to hold us in good graces with each other,” Saliba said. “It’s also to make sure that he is just not leaving without anywhere to go, without a job, and just show grace on behalf of the commission.”

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