Commissioners discuss DORA

Apr. 17—GREENSBURG — Monday, the Decatur County Commissioners discussed the DORA (Designated Outdoors Refreshment Area) recently created by the City of Greensburg.

Commissioner Jeremy Pasel said it might not be feasible to allow walking with an open alcoholic beverage from the downtown Square to Rebecca Park.

Even though he wasn't opposed to having beer gardens in the park during the concert series at the amphitheater, for example, he was concerned about giving "carte-blanche" approval to having alcoholic beverages in the park.

Commissioner Mark Koors agreed, saying he was totally against having alcohol around children.

"I just don't think alcohol needs to be present," Koors said.

Koors asked Parks and Rec Director Teresa Kovacich if any ordinances were present concerning alcohol in parks. She said she knew it had always been the department's policy not to allow alcohol, but didn't know of an actual ordinance.

She said that signage is present regarding the ban, but that she didn't have the staff to monitor the situation throughout the entire county.

Mayor Marsh volunteered to answer questions about the DORA.

He said that the establishment of the DORA would only allow alcohol from the two approved vendors in the DORA (The Beach Tiki Bar and The tAAp) or an approved vendor for the summer concert series.

At this point, Commissioners Blodgett, Koors and Pasel, county attorney Chad Smith, Greensburg Chief of Police Mike McNealy, Decatur County Sheriff Bill Meyerrose and Mayor Marsh engaged in a lengthy examination of the DORA, its policies and its potential inconsistencies with state law.

No votes were taken, but it was decided that the mayor, the commissioners and the city and county attorneys would investigate an enforceable alcohol ordinance.

The Daily News will continue to report on this matter as new information becomes available.

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