Commuters Baffled By Woman Travelling To Work Wearing Black Mask Every Day

Train and bus passengers in China have been desperately trying to find out the identity of a woman who travels to work every day wearing a black face mask.

The woman - known only as Joey - has been spotted a number of times on trains in Ningbo, China, wearing the mask as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Others have also spotted her on city buses and locals have taken to calling her the ‘Face Mask Sister’.

Face Mask Sister: The woman was spotted commuting every day (CEN)

Mystery: People were desperate to find out more about the woman (CEN)

Photos of the woman were posted on social media and the Internet set about finding out exactly who Joey is and why she wears the mask.

Local media managed to track her down when they found her leaving an underground station - black mask and all - on her way to work.

Joey, who is employed by a local trading firm, said she had been working overtime the past few weeks in order to free up more time for marriage leave.

Solved: Joey revealed that she wore the mask to try and keep her face looking good (CEN)

Overworking: Joey said long hours were taking their toll (CEN)

She revealed that she keeping her morning facemask on the way to work as the long hours were keeping her from looking her best.

Joey said that she was also worried that her overworking would affect her looks on her wedding day.

Or maybe she’s a superhero getting around by public transport.

Top pic: CEN