Conor McGregor Says Fight Scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal in “Road House” Were 'Very Much Real' (Exclusive)

"As a man who fights for a living, it was very, very real," McGregor tells PEOPLE

<p>Kate Green/Getty Images for Prime Video UK</p>

Kate Green/Getty Images for Prime Video UK

Conor McGregor is revealing what part of Road House was not all an act.

While filming the upcoming action movie, McGregor, 35, tells PEOPLE the fight scenes turned far from fake while shooting. Despite having stunt doubles, the MMA fighter says he brought his experience in the ring into his fight scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal.

“It wasn't fake fighting,” he admits, while speaking at the New York City premiere of Road House on Tuesday. “I don't think so. As a man who fights for a living, it was very, very real. Very much real. There were real shots landed.”

He continues: “I gave him a wallop, he gave me one back, and then the stuntmen that were stepping in at times took some big shots also.”

<p>by Travis P. Ball/SXSW Conference & Festivals via Getty</p>

by Travis P. Ball/SXSW Conference & Festivals via Getty

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Now making his way into the acting world, McGregor plays an antagonist to Gyllenhaal’s character Dalton, a former UFC fighter who becomes a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys. It is a remake of the 1989 film of the same name starring Patrick Swayze.

On Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Gyllenhaal, 43, mirrored McGregor’s claims that some punches were real.

"By mistake, he clocked me in the face," the Fantastic Four actor said of McGregor, going on to explain, "We would do a take [of] fake fighting, and then we'd go watch the monitors to see it back, to see what worked."

"He was always great with me," the award winner added in his conversation with host Jimmy Fallon. "He would tell me to do things like, 'Oh, you know, turn your hand, move a little bit more this way to try to make it look more real.' "

Later on in the interview, the actor joked that he got McGregor back when he “by mistake, then slammed his face with a car door.”

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McGregor appreciated the realness behind the scenes. He tells PEOPLE he feels the film is one-of-a-kind.

“I've not seen a movie like that where the shots are so real like that because they were real. So I had a great time doing it.

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Along with Gyllenhaal and McGregor, the film features Jessica WilliamsPost Malone, Daniela Melchior, Lukas GageBilly Magnussen and Darren Barnet.

Road House is streaming on Prime Video Thursday.

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