Conservative boost as new poll shows they hold 12-point lead over Labour

David Harding
Getting more popular? Boris Johnson (REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)

Support for the Conservatives has risen to its highest level since the last Brexit deadline of March 29 - and the party holds a 12-point lead over Labour.

The YouGov poll shows 34 per cent of voters would now back the Tories under Boris Johnson if there was a General Election.

This is the highest since March 25, four days before the Brexit deadline Theresa May missed, which triggered a sharp drop in support.

The same poll put the Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour on 22 per cent.

It also showed the Liberal Democrats on 17 per cent, down three points, with the Brexit Party on 13 per cent and the Greens 8 per cent.

It has been widely speculated in Westminster that Boris Johnson is likely to call a snap General Election later this year.

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There was a talk of a “Boris bounce” boosting Tory support immediately after he was elected as Conservative Party leader in July.

A YouGov/Times survey on July 31 — a week after Johnson became PM — showed the Conservatives with a double-digit lead over other parties.

An anti-Brexit protestor holds placard, outside the Houses of Parliament (REUTERS/Henry Nicholls)

However, the latest poll was carried out both before and after - Tuesday and Wednesday this week - the Prime Minister announced his controversial decision to prorogue Parliament.

That has provoked a political storm and it is clear from another YouGov poll that it does not yet command widespread public support.

A separate survey by the same company showed that only 27 per cent of voters thought the move by Boris Johnson was acceptable, while 47 per cent said it was not acceptable.

Protestors outside the Houses of Parliament, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to temporarily close down the Commons (Photo by Kirsty O'Connor/PA Images via Getty Images)

Support for the move to suspend Parliament was, unsurprisingly, highest among Tory voters, with 52 per cent backing it, and those who wish to leave the European Union, on 51 per cent.

In contrast, only 11 per cent of Labour voters supported the move.

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