Conservative Party commits to Cambridgeshire railway junction upgrade in election manifesto

Ely Railway Station
-Credit: (Image: Tom Burnett/Reach PLC)

The Conservative Party has committed to improving a Cambridgeshire railway junction in the manifesto released on Tuesday (June 11). Rishi Sunak launched the manifesto in Silverstone ahead of the general election on July 4.

The manifesto outlines transport pledges, including £8.3 billion to "fill potholes and resurface roads". Upgrades to Ely Junction were among the specific schemes listed.

The Government scrapped plans for HS2, a stretch of high speed railway which would have connected Birmingham and Manchester, last year. The remodelling of Ely Junction will form part of £9.6billion being spent in the East of England after HS2 funds were reallocated.

A Department for Transport spokesperson said in October last year: "One of the schemes to benefit will be the remodelling of the Ely North and Haughley Junctions, a vital part of East Anglia's rail network where five busy rail lines converge. An enhanced spine route for rail freight will be delivered, allowing an extra 6 freight trains per day to run to and from the Port of Felixstowe – the equivalent of 98,000 lorry journeys off the road each year, including across the Midlands and the North."

The Conservative Party manifesto promised to "deliver upgrades to railways in the South West, including the line through Dawlish, the Energy Coast Line in Cumbria and the Ely Junction scheme in East Anglia". It did not include a timeline for when the project would be completed.

Upgrades to the A10 were also green-lit following the cancellation of HS2. Cambridgeshire County Council said work on the A10 is likely to begin in 2026 and be completed by 2030.

The Liberal Democrats released their manifesto on Monday. That manifesto made no specific reference to the junction but pledged to create a 'national freight strategy to move as much freight as possible from road to rail'.

The Green Party's manifesto is expected to be published later this week. Labour is expected to publish its manifesto on Thursday and the Reform UK manifesto is expected next week.