Contestant evicted from Big Brother house during Halloween-themed episode

Kerry has become the latest Big Brother housemate to be evicted from the series after two fellow contestants nominated her.

The NHS manager from Essex had been put up for elimination – alongside dancer Olivia and radio DJ Dylan – by their fellow housemates Noky and Trish during Monday’s episode.

The latest instalment of the ITV show on Tuesday revealed the public had voted to evict 40-year-old Kerry, who said she was “totally ready” to leave.

After getting the boot, she said: “Trish and Noky, I hold no grudge against them. I love you all.

“Thank you for an amazing experience but I’m totally ready.”

Olivia, 23, described her nomination as “very interesting” while 39-year-old Dylan admitted he found his to be “shocking” as it proved they had an issue with him but had not addressed it.

Tensions reached boiling point when they rejoined the other contestants in the main living room as Dylan confronted Noky and Trish about his nomination.

Dylan became heated as he questioned what he had done to deserve to be picked, describing 33-year-old mum Trish as “two-faced”.

Amidst the drama, Noky tried to keep her head down but other contestants described her as “fake” for nominating Olivia who she shares a bed with.

The nominators later sat all of their fellow housemates down to explain that their process had been to each select one contestant to nominate, with Noky picking Dylan and Trish choosing Olivia, to nominate while they collectively agreed on Kerry.

Following the chat, Dylan and Olivia both said that they felt their explanation was scripted.

To mark Halloween night, the contestants were dressed up in costumes throughout the episode including Henry donning a pumpkin outfit, Dylan a bloodied chef and Yinrun as a creepy clown.

They were also tasked with playing spooky-themed games such as bobbing for apples and having to identify mystery items in a concealed box.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 at 9pm on Wednesday.