Work Continues on Byzantine Mosaic Discovered by Palestinian Farmer in Gaza

Archaeological work was continuing at the site in Gaza where a Byzantine mosaic was discovered, the Palestinian antiquities ministry said on September 17.

The mosaic, which was discovered by Salman al-Nabaheen while planting an olive tree, has been cleaned, revealing colorful artwork of birds and other animals.

This new footage shows the mosaic in all its glory, with close-up shots of the intricate artwork. The footage captures the detailed mosaic in its newly cleaned state, featuring colorful depictions of animals, plants, and geometric patterns.

“This provides us with historical information and details about the ancient civilizations and anthropology in Gaza, the historical and economic relations with the ancient regional environment, and the status of Palestine across the world,” the ministry said.

The ministry of tourism and antiquities also said that along with the mosaics, the discovery included evidence of the ancient walls, pottery, and glass bottles.

The mosaic is thought to date back to some time between the 5th and 7th centuries. Credit: Nedal Alhajahmed via Storyful