Out-of-Control Truck Takes Out City Bus Stop in Adelaide, South Australia

An out-of-control truck left a large path of destruction after swerving down a street in Adelaide, South Australia, on February 28.

Video shared to @virtualrealityadelaide233 by Paul Brackley shows the truck drift onto the side-walk and plough down a street light. The truck narrowly misses a car waiting at an intersection, before smashing through a bus stop and multiple front lawns.

Brackley told Storyful he was first on the scene after capturing the footage on his dash cam.

“I helped the driver out of the cabin; I think he was in shock but ok and just had some blood on his face; he just said he fainted,” Brackley said.

“There was a really terrible noise coming from the truck, and I thought it might even blow up or catch fire; I learnt afterwards the truck had hit a gas main,” he explained.

In a 7 News report, a spokesperson for the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service said considering the time of day of the incident, the outcome could have been a lot worse. Credit: @virtualrealityadelaide233 via Storyful