Coolant Starts Pouring Out of Brand New Cybertruck After Driving 35 Miles

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A new Cybertruck owner got a rude awakening this week when he picked up his new Tesla vehicle and it started leaking coolant after a mere 35 miles of driving in Florida, according to a post in the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

"Picked up my beast today in Pensacola," wrote the poster, who identified himself as Jason. "Drove to the super chargers about 35 miles away in Crestview on my way back home to Destin, Fl. While supercharging, coolant started pouring out of the rear of the truck. Called Tesla service. First they told me they don’t cover coolant leaks under warranty. After a few choice words they said they would send a tow truck."

A picture show the Cybertruck parked in front of a Supercharger with a dark stain of coolant pooling on the asphalt parking lot. Another picture shows the vehicle resting on a tow truck.

Thankfully, Jason's truck seems to have a happy ending for now. He reported in a later post that Tesla fixed the issue.

"I’m happy and the truck is amazing," he said.

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But he should still probably be on the lookout for future problems down the road.

A striking number of owners have been reporting that their newly-minted Cybertrucks have been beset with a litany of problems, from exterior molding peeling off to the armor glass cracking during a routine hail storm.

A YouTuber named Thomas Remo only got one mile under his belt before his Cybertruck broke down, sending him into a paroxysm of frustration and pleading with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

"We literally broke it right out of the gate," Remo said in a video. "Oh my god, fucking Elon, bro. How's it already broken?"

Another YouTuber, Lamar MK, had to bring his Cybertruck back to the dealership multiple times for a variety of problems.

These issues stick out like a sore thumb because there are only around 4,000 vehicles that have been sold — all of which are under recall for a janky accelerator pedal.

All these problems are no surprise if you have been following the Cybertruck in the news, from its ill-fated demo with the cracked window to a leak of engineering documents back in 2022 that show the electric car had major flaws during its creation.

"I'm blown away that they would be struggling so much with the basics," one automotive engineer told Wired last year.

Looks like the problems are still there.

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