'I copied Stacey Solomon's £5.49 B&M hack to transform my bathroom'

Sort Your Life Out host Stacey Solomon
Sort Your Life Out host Stacey Solomon -Credit:BBC

Few things get used in family homes as much as the bathroom.

With showers and baths aplenty, it's easy for grime to build up and, even with a regular cleaning routine, things can soon start to look a little tired.

One thing that does take a battering is the grout inside tiles and, over time, the marks can be hard to shift.

But if you don't have the money or the time for a full regrout, or you need a quick spruce up, there's an easy solution.

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It's one that cleaning queen Stacey Solomon recommended in her BBC show Sort Your Life Out.

She suggests using a grout pen to cover over old grout and give it a refresh. "They're really good and they're so easy to use as well," she said.

The £5.49 grout pen from B&M
The £5.49 grout pen from B&M -Credit:Manchester Family/MEN

With some patches of worn grout in my own bathroom, I decided to take her advice and bought one of the UniBond grout reviver pens for £5.49 from B&M.

She was right when she said they're easy. The stuff just glides on and if you smudge any onto the tiles, you just wipe it off with a damp cloth before it dries. It made my grout look almost brand new and was dry within an hour.

It easily covered the discoloured grout
It easily covered the discoloured grout -Credit:Manchester Family/MEN

"It's so simple," said Stacey. "Anyone can do it. Even if you feel like 'oh I haven't got a steady hand', you don't need one."

It's not something you'd use for a full bathroom, but one 7ml pen stretches further than you'd think, covering 60 metres of a 2mm grout joint.

It's not the first tip I've taken from Stacey. Her Tap to Tidy book includes all sorts of ideas for cleaning and home organisation, which I've used to help sort out my kitchen, wardrobe, bedroom clutter, laundry and more.

And she shares ideas for simple home makeovers too, like the £1.50 IKEA hack I used here to help transform my garden.