'Cornwall needs another hospital' as NHS waiting times surge

The Royal Cornwall Hospital and Derriford Hospital have been put on the highest level of alert because they are too busy and can't cope with patient numbers pressure
The Emergency Department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (Photo by Hugh Hastings/Getty Images) -Credit:Hugh Hastings/ Getty Images

The readers of Cornwall Live have been having their say about the state of the A& E department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske, Truro, which according to the Liberal Democrats has seen a significant surge in patients waiting over 24 hours for admission.

This trend is reflected across other trusts, with a total of 15,440 patients enduring long waits in A&E. National data indicates that over-65s are more likely to face prolonged waits for admission.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey expressed his dismay at the situation, blaming the delays on the Conservative government's neglect of the NHS and care services. Last year saw NHS staff dealing with substantial demand, with increased A&E attendances and emergency admissions.

Now CornwallLive readers have shared their opinion on the matter - saying that Cornwall needs another hospital.

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One of the readers who commented, DIPSY33 said: "If you went into A & E at Treliske and looked at the people waiting there you would be shocked. People who take their friends with them and then all sit on their phones as if it is a trip out. People who make sure that they have eaten before going because they know that they will have a long wait. In essence, people who do not need to be there; most do not need to be there, they just want a quick response.

"People want their perceived needs met immediately, they are not prepared to wait and go to alternative sites such as MIU's. The 111 service does not help, they advised my daughter-in-law to attend for a broken toe. Not necessary at all! If a nurse and doctor manned the reception they could divert non-urgent cases to other units or their GP. This would save long queues and ensure that Ambulances could get patients into the unit without long delays, enabling them to attend life-threatening cases. If people want to have an NHS service then they need to play their part and not abuse the service. If people keep abusing the NHS as it currently does it will be privatised."

User Cornhead agreed: "I've been banging on about this every time it comes up. All this building of houses everywhere you turn and if you add them altogether only a small amount will end in a home for someone here. The rest are affordable but not affordable for us. Treliske is no longer able to cope and the new bit will be useless by the time it is built. So what's the point we need a new hospital built out on A30 with good access."

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While TheOakian said: "Perhaps you should just remember A&E is just for ACCIDENTS & EMERGENCIES and not because you can’t get a doctor's appointment for an ache."

Woody1961_ said: "Time for significant constitutional change if there is to be any real long-term improvement. The socialist model and the capitalist model are both tripped up by greed and overpopulation. Things certainly weren't better 14 years ago we just had a different set of problems. The reality is most working people are generally better off. I certainly am."

Happydazz said: "Cornwall needs another hospital the population is getting bigger and bigger in both counties, look at the state of it now."

ThePeople'sChamp replied and questioned: "How would you staff it? I'm not having a dig at you, I just never see anyone who calls for a new hospital explain how they staff it. We can't fully staff Treliske, there is a national shortage of nurses, doctors, radiologists, and the list goes on. It all needs to be joined up, a brand new hospital would cost close to £1bn to build and fit and take about ten years, so there needs to be a long-term plan of how to boost the workforce considerably during that time."

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