Cornwall's new A30 road branded 'appalling' as drivers blame signage for confusion and chaos

-Credit: (Image: Greg Martin / Cornwall Live)
-Credit: (Image: Greg Martin / Cornwall Live)

The recent unveiling of the upgraded A30 road in Cornwall has been met with mixed reviews, from locals and Cornwall Live readers, particularly concerning the signage along the route. Shaun Skinner, a local resident, expressed his frustration, calling the signs "appalling" and "atrocious". He highlighted the confusion faced by motorists trying to navigate to specific destinations like Perranporth, Zelah, and St Newlyn East due to inadequate signage.

Mr Skinner's concerns resonated with many other drivers who shared similar experiences. One driver, Gully, criticised the rushed road surface job and hoped for improvements in both signage and road conditions.

The readers of Cornwall Live are not far behind with their thoughts and feelings on the lack of signage. One such reader Gully said: "Drove the full length eastbound for the first time recently and was appalled by the state of the road surface. You can tell it was a rush job. Hopefully the signage issues will be addressed and the county can return to some sort of normality , unless you live in Hayle when the hell has just begun!!"

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While Morningcoffees has done something about it: "I’ve also complained about signage. I emailed Highways England. The more people who email the faster it’ll get sorted. And I say that because in their reply they said they hadn’t had many emails about signage!"

ThePeople'sChamp asked: "Is it just me missing it or is there no turnoff to get to Shortlanes End and vice versa to join the A30 from that direction out of Truro?"

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CornishBod added: "Agreed the signage isn't ideal at present, but the new road is fantastic. A huge improvement. Let's never forget just how lethal Chivvy Cross used to be - especially in tourist season."

Petho1 also questioned: "Why are they saying that they "continue to consult" with Cornwall Council about the signage? The road is already open. This should have been done months ago, not wait until the road is open, and only then think about signage."

Oldage said: "Typical. Great road with a serious lack of signage. Couldn’t somebody from the contractors have driven along the road and actually see where signs were needed before the road was opened. Not rocket science is it? Ended up in Scorrier last week before I realised I had missed the turn off to Truro!"

Falmouth62 replied: "I did exactly the same thing!"

DAVIDKC commented: "Hopefully the final signage will work, but as a "local" I have to agree that the temporary signage is absolutely dreadful - very misleading - it's wasted my time taking wrong turnings which, with lots of others, causes congestion, confusion, and probably accidents. Please sort it!"

Captain nick added: "All of the permanent signs for local destinations have been agreed with Cornwall Council and we continue to consult them on the design and information on these……. No they haven’t, it’s some unelected “officer” The lane markings at chivvy are dangerous as well on entering roundabout from Truro towards Redruth you join on the inner lane when clear of traffic coming down the outside lane from A30. Traffic on the inside lane then cut across lane to Redruth. A lunatic sped around cut across as myself a wife were turning onto A30 as was clear, on our motorcycle nearly came off! Outside lane should be marked on road A30."

Baggyboatee joked: "I just follow my homing instincts and somehow I get there."

Cornwall Amigo said: "Anyone should know it's not the opinion of the public driving somewhere every single day that matters, it's the computer models of those who design them. I know this through conversation with Highways about the remodelled Treluswell roundabout, with it's dangerously ambiguous and narrow lane markings on approach."

Johnnyringo queried: "I still don't understand why for traffic from Truro at the old Chiverton roundabout, they have to travel East then go onto the A30 when a slip way going West would have been better."

captain nick answered: "Because “they” know better! Also to accommodate the new unused bridge because also there would have been to much of a drop and the Internet cables run there apparently."

Neil Winter, senior project manager, said: “As part of our regular review of signing on and around the new section of the A30 between Chiverton and Carland Cross, we are making some changes to the signs at different locations and junctions based on helpful feedback from stakeholders and road users.

“The road opened on 24 June and several of the signs in place are temporary while we complete work on local side roads. In particular we are putting in new temporary signs at Carland Cross to clarify directions to Perranporth while we await installation of the permanent signing at this location.

“All of the permanent signs for local destinations have been agreed with Cornwall Council and we continue to consult them on the design and information on these.”

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