Coronation Street airs breakthrough for Cassie Plummer

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Cassie Plummer may finally have had a breakthrough following a relapse in Coronation Street.

Wednesday's (September 6) episode was full of highs and lows for Cassie as she struggled to stay away from drugs and earn her long-lost son Tyrone's trust.

Cassie made a huge error after Tyrone handed her money to pick up Ruby's new boots in town. Instead of using the cash to buy Ruby's present, Cassie met with her dealer Dean and bought more pills.

Evelyn was irate when she heard Tyrone had given Cassie money, and, sadly, she was proved correct when her daughter failed to show up with the boots.

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Everything started to unravel as Michael Bailey mentioned he'd seen a man attacking Cassie in the street last week. This forced Abi to explain that the man was Cassie's dealer.

Tyrone listened in shock as Abi explained that Cassie owed her dealer money and so she'd resorted to stealing from the petty cash to try to pay him back.

The family rushed out to search — and unfortunately, Hope found Cassie slumped over on the street, having overdosed.

Abi found pregabalin pills in Cassie's pocket while waiting for the ambulance. Cassie was eventually rushed to the hospital, where the emergency room team was able to stabilise her.

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Back at No.9, Evelyne begged Tyrone to put the girls first because there was no way they should live in the same house as Cassie right now.

Tyrone felt he had no choice but to tell his mum she needed to leave, forcing her back into the precinct flat for the time being.

Later, Abi turned up to deliver a message from Tyrone that the door wasn't closed on having a relationship in the future.

"He might not want you under the same roof as his kids, but he hasn't given up on you," Abi assured her.

abi webster, cassie, coronation street

Abi admitted she didn't have "a long-term solution" but had agreed to keep an eye on Cassie for the time being.

Will Abi keep Cassie on the straight and narrow?

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