Coronation Street airs police trouble for Daniel as Nicky returns

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Daniel Osbourne is facing new trouble with police after his secret meeting with ex-girlfriend Nicky Wheatley in Coronation Street.

There was high tension in Friday's (April 19) episode as Daniel feared what would happen next after being brought into the case of Lauren's disappearance.

His rage boiled over on the street when he ran into Max Turner, who he blamed for telling police about his private tutoring with Lauren.

Max seemed utterly baffled by the scuffle, assuring Abi he hadn't done anything to provoke Daniel. Abi then explained that Bobby Crawford had been the one to grass on Daniel.

Max turned up at the factory to ask Bobby why he'd gone to the police with the accusation about Daniel without consulting him first.

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Meanwhile, Daniel had a lightbulb moment when Bethany read in the paper that Lauren had been a sex worker.

Daniel reached out to his old flame, Nicky Wheatley, to see if she could help since she too had once been a sex worker, though she now works in community outreach. He had no idea that Max was following him to his meeting with Nicky and her friend Deanna.

Max recognised Nicky and decided to secretly take photos of the meeting. He also admitted to Bobby he was right to suspect Daniel.

Max's confusion led to a disastrous turn of events when DS Swain suddenly showed up at the builder's yard flat to ask Daniel some more questions about Lauren's disappearance.

daniel osbourne, nicky wheatley and deana in coronation street

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Nicky had stopped by the flat as well to reveal she'd made enquiries about Lauren but had found nothing. While Bethany was suspicious of the two being together again, Nicky assured her she was just trying to help find Lauren.

Daniel worried Bethany by revealing the police now viewed their investigation as "a two-horse race" between himself and Roy, so it was in their best interests to prove his innocence.

"I know for sure, it absolutely wasn't me," Daniel insisted.

Is Daniel in legal trouble?

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