Coronation Street confirms Adam Barlow's fate after murder attempt

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Adam Barlow's fate has been revealed after an attempted murder plot against him in Coronation Street.

The solicitor's life was in danger in Monday's episode (March 4) when he made the very risky decision to turn against drug boss Harvey Gaskell.

Adam had originally agreed to help Harvey with his appeal over Natasha Blakeman's death, so long as Harvey took revenge on his behalf against Damon Hay.

However, Adam has since thought better of this 'deal with the devil', even after he'd signed his divorce papers with Sarah in the latest instalment.

will mellor as harvey in coronation street

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His crisis of conscience saw him delete Harvey's appeal document and then turn over some damning CCTV footage to the police under the name 'The Murder of Natasha Blakeman'.

After a threatening call from Harvey warning him he was "a dead man", Adam tried to convince Sarah to give him a second chance.

"Let's tear these [divorce] papers up and start again," he begged.

Sarah was conflicted over Adam's appeal, leading to her rushing out into the street. Bethany followed after her mum, only for a car to speed around the corner, targeting them.

Adam was able to push Bethany out of the way just in time, though he was mowed down by the car himself before it sped away.

tina o'brien as sarah and sam robertson as adam in coronation streeta

While his fate initially looked grim, Sarah was told at the hospital that Adam should make a full recovery. A detective asked to interview Adam and shared her theory that it was an attempted murder.

"I imagine you make a lot of enemies in your line of work. Is there anyone who'd want to harm you or your family?" Adam was asked.

Adam hesitated but claimed: "Not that I know of."

Meanwhile, Sarah confided in Bethany that Adam's sacrifice helped her to realise that she still has feelings for him.

Sarah went to Adam's bedside to reveal how she felt, but was horrified as he confessed he'd been working with Harvey to get revenge on Damon.

sam roberston as adam barlow in coronation street

Sarah was worried that Harvey would try to target her or Bethany again, yet Adam asked her not to go to police with her concerns.

"You've got to trust me," he pleaded, with a disgusted Sarah shooting back: "Trust you? I can't even bear to look at you."

Has Adam destroyed his chances at reconciliation with Sarah?

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