Coronation Street confirms sad Glenda and Michael split

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has confirmed a sad split for Glenda Shuttleworth and Michael Bailey after a whirlwind romance.

The duo got together earlier this month after sharing a kiss, but their relationship hit the rocks as her feud with brother George over the future of the funeral parlour escalated.

With the battle still ongoing, Glenda had noticed that Michael had cooled his affections with her, with his new feelings being confirmed in next week’s scenes.

glenda shuttleworth, michael bailey, coronation street

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The developments occur when George seeks Michael out for some advice regarding the ongoing bitterness with his sister, but Michael remarks that he and Glenda are no longer together. Is it truly over for the pair?

Whilst Glenda will be left to pick up the pieces from her failed relationship, there’s seemingly no end to bitterness with George, with the fractious sibling relationship being explained by actor Tony Maudsley.

“I think from George’s point of view, it was always odd that Glenda wasn't left much by their father,” he said. “I think he understood why, because Glenda has always been into high kicking on the high seas and singing songs.

“She's Little Miss Showbiz. She always was - she was never a responsible kid. She couldn't even look after her pets properly. Pets died and she went and got another one or she'd wait for a new fad to kick in and say she wanted a terrapin. Things like that.

glenda shuttleworth, george shuttleworth, coronation street

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“So George knows that she's not a responsible person. He's just got to tread very carefully. And I'm sure George being George, he'll want the best outcome for everyone.

“He's in this quandary of not [wanting] to short-change his sister but also not wanting to hand her half a business that she's going to sink into the ground in five seconds, if she gets her hands on it!”

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