Coronation Street: Daisy's visitor threatens her secret

Episode 11,224 – 11,225 | Airs Wednesday 27 March 2024 at 20:00 on ITV1

Jenny and Daisy are horrified when Christina texts to say she is coming to stay for two weeks. Ryan is shocked when he sees Daisy telling her mum she is not welcome and suggesting she goes to visit her friend in Amsterdam.

Christina calls in The Rovers and explains that her passport has expired and she has nowhere to stay.

When Ryan insists she should stay and have a drink as it's the least they can do after she lent them all that money to buy the pub, Christina's intrigued. Will Christina blow their cover?

Meanwhile, in the café, Steve moans to David that there's been no interest in his dating profile. Debbie suggests he should try the cocktail night at the Chariot Square if he wants to meet someone.

Steve returns home to find Ken trying on different jackets. When Ken reveals that he's going to join him for cocktail night at the Chariot Square, Steve does his best to appear pleased. How will the evening go?

Debbie approaches Ken and Steve with drinks and pointing out Elspeth, an older lady in the corner, explains that she bought them and she's had her eye on Ken all evening. Steve's incredulous to realise Ken's pulled.

Elsewhere, Chesney and Gemma set off with Joseph for the Oakhill entrance exam.

Finally, Billy, Paul and Todd bid an emotional farewell to Summer as she sets off for Boston.

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