Coronation Street: Damon is caught lying by Sarah

Episode 11,222 – 11,223 | Airs Monday 25 March 2024 at 20:00 on ITV1

Harry thanks Damon for his VR headset and gives him a hug. Damon apologises again for not being able to come to Harry's birthday party.

When Sarah talks to Ed about the job he is doing for Damon, she realises he has been lying to her. How will Damon talk his way out of this one?

Meanwhile, Summer books her flight to Boston and Billy agrees to cook a roast dinner by way of celebration while Bernie takes Paul to his appointment with the speech therapist.

The therapist confirms that Paul's speech and ability to eat solid food have deteriorated and suggests that it might be time to use a feeding tube.

Paul and Bernie return home and break the news that he can no longer eat solid food for fear of choking. Paul assures Billy and Summer if they liquidise his food, he'll be fine.

Billy, Summer, Bernie and Todd tuck into their roast dinner while Paul sets about his bowl of puréed food. As Billy, Summer, Bernie and Todd clear away the plates, Paul fights back the tears.

Elsewhere, arriving at the cafe, Nina discovers a smouldering pan on the stove. Roy realises he must have been sleep walking again and assures her it won't happen again.

Roy tells Dee-Dee that whatever the cost, he's happy to pay in order to clear his name. Nina confides in Dee-Dee that she's worried about Roy's sleepwalking and wonders how on earth he's going to pay his legal fees if it ends up going to court.

Also today, Evelyn cooks lunch for Cassie and offers to buy her a drink afterwards. Cassie's bemused. In the Rovers, Evelyn and Cassie raise a toast and agree to put the past behind them.

Finally, in the Rovers, Jenny tells Daisy and Glenda about her plans for a speed dating night. Glenda reckons it's a great idea whilst Daisy smiles through gritted teeth.

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