Coronation Street explains Roy Cropper's health scare

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Roy Cropper has been struggling on the cobbles of Coronation Street as of late, and tonight's (May 26) episode gave him some answers.

His ongoing health scares have been frightening for the Roy's Rolls café owner, and tonight, Evelyn Plummer had to step in and help.

Stealing away from the café, Roy took his Shih Tzu Freddie for a walk, as he does daily. However, Freddie spotted a cat and bolted after it, leaving Roy left to chase the pup.

freddie, roy cropper, coronation street

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The sudden exertion of activity knocked Roy, and he crumpled over with pains shooting through his chest.

Seeing Roy in his tender state, Evelyn called for an ambulance, saying that she thinks it could be a heart attack.

Once at the hospital, Roy had an angiogram, which resulted in a doctor telling him that he is suffering from angina.

Until now, Roy had tried to get on with his usual routine and accept that his health may falter at times, as frightening as it can be, but tonight he found out why.

On hearing the news, he didn't quite understand the gravity of the diagnosis and simply asked: "Will there be pills for that?"

evelyn plummer, roy cropper, coronation street

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The doctor corrected Roy and said that he needs to be booked in for a stent operation.

Evelyn chimed in: "Bit drastic." The doctor stated that it would be more drastic if Roy didn't have the artery-widening operation.

Hearing that prompted Evelyn to air caution as she said: "Well, you know what this means — you have got to tell Nina now!"

Despite the news, Roy decided to keep the operation a secret from his niece Nina, wanting to spare her from any extra worry.

evelyn, roy cropper, coronation street

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He disguised the fact he will need to go into hospital again for the procedure by telling Nina he has booked a trip to Rhyl.

Against her better judgement, Evelyn went along with Roy's lie and offered to look after Freddie while he's away.

Will Nina find out, and how will she react to Roy lying to her about his operation?

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