Coronation Street to update fans on Carla after cobbles break

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Carla Barlow makes a return appearance in Wednesday's episode (March 22) following her decision to take a break from the cobbles.

Carla agreed to stay in a psychiatric clinic last week as Stephen Reid's evil scheming left her worried about her mental health.

The Underworld boss has struggled with terrifying side-effects while Stephen has been secretly spiking her drinks with LSD.

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Just as Stephen had predicted, Carla started to believe that her psychosis had returned. She ultimately decided to seek help when there was a small fire at her flat due to the oven being left on – although once again, Stephen was the secret culprit.

Wednesday's episode sees Peter pay a visit to Carla at the clinic.

Although Peter has been trying to shield his wife from recent developments at the factory, he reluctantly tells her that the workforce – who are also shareholders in the business – have voted to put Stephen in charge.

This amounts to a vote of no confidence in Carla, even though the team have vowed to welcome her back when she eventually returns. How will Carla respond to the news?

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Back at the factory, Stephen has concerns of his own after sleazy businessman Rufus Donahue demanded the American rights to the Nippersnapper range.

Rufus knows about Stephen spiking Carla's drinks and is using this damning secret as leverage to boost his fortunes in the business world.

Feeling powerless, Stephen follows Rufus' orders and cancels the existing American deal for Nippersnapper.

Stephen then lies to his niece Sarah by claiming that the American clients pulled out of the deal at the last minute, but he may be playing with fire by spinning this false story.

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