Coronation Street fans distracted by Gemma Winter blunder 'in every episode'

Gemma Corrie
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Coronation Street viewers have noticed something unusual about Gemma Winter's complexion in recent episodes.

The mother-of-four has been having a tough time lately as her financial woes continue to mount. Gemma and her husband Chesney Brown are currently struggling to provide for their large family, which includes five children, and are now facing the threat of eviction.

Gemma was heartbroken when she realised one of her children's shoes were too small but she couldn't afford to buy a new pair. However, she decided to take Carys to a proper shoe shop for a fitting and found the perfect pair of shoes, but they came with a hefty £45 price tag.

In a moment of desperation, while the shopkeeper was distracted, Gemma grabbed Carys' hand and ran out of the shop without paying. Later on, Gemma's mum Bernie became suspicious and figured out that her daughter had actually stolen Carys' shoes, warning her that she could face jail time due to her previous criminal record.

Unable to bear the guilt, Gemma later returned to the shop and left the shoes there. She was pursued by staff but managed to get away, reports the Express.

However, just when she thought she had put the incident behind her, Gemma received a shock when one of stepson Joseph Brown's school friends was collected by their dad, who happened to work at the shop Gemma stole from, and he threatened to call the police.

In the latest episode of Coronation Street, Gemma was taken into custody, much to the surprise of detective Kit, who is Bernie Winter's secret son and therefore Gemma's unknown brother.

Bernie pleaded with her hidden son to help secure Gemma's release, leading him to confront the man pressing charges in a shoe shop.

Kit and his estranged mother Bernie arranged a meeting to discuss how to break the news to twins Gemma and Paul about their secret sibling.

However, as Bernie waited for Kit at the Rovers, she was oblivious to the fact that he had gone behind her back and was revealing the truth to the twins himself.

In an attempt to turn Paul and Gemma against Bernie, Kit told his newly discovered siblings about their mother's mistreatment of him, causing a family rift.

Despite all the drama surrounding Gemma, some Corrie viewers have been left puzzled by the character's makeup, noting that Gemma's face appears orange-toned compared to her neck.

Kit Gemma Paul
Kit Gemma Paul

One viewer took to Reddit to ask: "Why has Gemma got an orange face in every episode? Fake tan is on her face and round her jawline, makes her head look like a satsuma."

One response suggested: "I think it's a deliberate choice for her character not to have perfect makeup", while another added: " Yeah it must be on purpose because if you look up the actress that plays her, looks entirely different."

A third viewer admitted: "It has been that way at least since I started watching - it drives me insane - I just want to attack her with a foundation match and blender sponge."

"Whoever does her makeup should be fired", one Corrie fan declared.

"It's probably just to make her look chavvy if anything. She's a bit of a rough diamond", another suggested.

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