Coronation Street fans have Lauren Bolton twist sussed as they share 'proof'

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street enthusiasts are convinced that Lauren Bolton is conspiring with a resident of the cobbles to bring down the villainous Joel Deering.

This week marked the return of troubled teen Lauren (Cait Fitton), who had been missing and presumed dead for several months. Viewers will remember her sudden disappearance from the iconic cobbles after she lost her job at Roy's Rolls.

However, it was only last month that viewers learned that the sleazy lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) was responsible for the teenager's vanishing act.

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On Monday's episode (July 7), it was revealed that Lauren is indeed alive and has been in hiding. The young girl appeared at Roy Cropper's (David Neilson) hospital bedside following his heart attack earlier in the day.

Joel Deering confronts Lauren Bolton in Coronation Street
Joel Deering confronts Lauren Bolton in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

On Tuesday's episode (July 8), Lauren tried to make a quick exit from the hospital but was intercepted by her assailant Joel and forced into a family room, reports the Express.

Throughout the episode, a series of flashbacks revealed the truth about Lauren's disappearance and her relationship with Joel.

The devious lawyer insinuated himself into Lauren's life by helping her with bills, eventually manipulating her into a relationship.

Lauren managed to escape from Joel in highly tense scenes at the end of the episode. However, fans are now convinced that Lauren is actually collaborating with Betsy Swain (Sydney Martin) to bring Joel down.

Fans reckon Lauren and Betsy know each other -Credit:ITV
Fans reckon Lauren and Betsy know each other -Credit:ITV

Corrie enthusiasts are convinced they've sussed out a jaw-dropping connection between Betsy Swain and Lauren, after spotting some telling reactions on the show.

Betsy, who arrived on the Street as DS Swain's daughter, has been causing a stir by extorting money from Joel. But eagle-eyed viewers have pieced together clues that suggest Betsy and Lauren might be in cahoots.

The penny dropped for fans when Betsy appeared visibly concerned upon hearing about Roy's heart attack a curious reaction given she supposedly doesn't know him. This led to speculation that Betsy could have informed Lauren about Roy's condition, explaining how Lauren knew his whereabouts.

On social media, Corrie followers have been sharing their theories. One viewer speculated on a fan page: "Could DS Swain's daughter have been helping Lauren? She was there when Carla got the phone call about Roy being in hospital so could have told Lauren which is how she knew where he was."

"Also she warned Sabrina off Joel, so maybe she knew more about him than she was letting on. She is a friend of Sabrina's so highly likely that she's seen Lauren when she's visited Sabrina as they live next door to each other and maybe seen Joel going to Lauren's flat."

Another chimed in with: "Kirsten Maclean I saw Betsy's face when Carla got the phone call about Roy in hospital and she looked worried when she does not even know Roy."

And another fan mused: "Now that would be a really good story..coz Betsy did approach Joel...."

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