Coronation Street fans predict 'tears' and twist as they figure out who really hurt Lauren

Lauren Bolton with Roy Cropper in Coronation Street
Lauren Bolton with Roy Cropper in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street fans are predicting it will all 'end in tears' as they claim to have figured out who had really kidnapped - and possibly killed - Lauren Bolton. The teenager's disappearance, which took place in February, continues to rule life on the cobbles as Roy Cropper was charged with her murder.

During Monday's (April 15) episode of the ITV soap, Roy was seen in a cell after he was charged with Lauren's murder. He could be seen writing a letter after he was denied bail, with solicitor Dee-Dee eventually delivering it to Nina.

Evelyn was quick to suggest it meant Roy had given up and was accepting his fate. In it, the beloved cafe owner wrote: "I fear it has been my naivety, perhaps, and my arrogance to assume that being innocent means one will be seen to be innocent. I have been unkind to people who have counselled me against certain actions.

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"Nina, Carla, for this I apologise. Evelyn, I wish you to know that your friendship has been… The word that comes to mind is essential. For my lack of appreciation and my ingratitude, I am truly sorry. Dee-Dee informs me I should stop writing now. Yours Roy."

Later in court, the CPS barrister painted Roy as a murderer with a violent past and listed his crimes, including the assault on Gary Windass and the abduction of Wayne. Later, Dee-Dee put forward her client's case and urged the judge to grant Roy bail.

However, the judge refused the application and ordered that he be held in custody until his trial and he was seen cuffed and being taken back to his cell in front of his heartbroken family and friends.

Roy wasn't granted bail -Credit:ITV
Roy wasn't granted bail -Credit:ITV

But after overhearing what happened with Roy, Bobby, Carla's nephew and Lauren's love interest before her sudden exit from Weatherfield, decided he needed to take action and went to the police to give a false witness statement about the night of Lauren's disappearance, insisting he had seen in her flat when he arrived there - but it wasn't Roy.

And Corrie fans were left furious that his lie could make things worse for Roy. @eilishgleeson2 said: "What are you doing Bobby lying to the police it's just gonna end in tears @itvcorrie #coronationstreet #corrie." @MitchellWebb85 commented: "Noo Bobby you have just made things worse for Roy #Corrie."

Bobby spoke to DS Lisa Swain -Credit:ITV
Bobby spoke to DS Lisa Swain -Credit:ITV

Others, meanwhile, think they know who was responsible for whatever may have happened to Lauren. @hollycarruthers said: "Joel back again he’s deffo got Lauren #corrie." @penniless_poet asked: "Wonder if it is Joel? Why is he making a speech about Roy in the pub? #Corrie."

@JamieSummersTV commented: "Here's a sign if it is Joel who has Lauren. There will be more and more scenes of him and Dee Dee being loved up #Corrie." @RyanTheSoapking posted: "Imagine in a twist if Joel was Lauren's mystery boyfriend and he's got her kidnapped somewhere #Corrie." @james1985xx added: "Joel just happens to turn up."