Coronation Street fans work out surprise return amid Roy Cropper imprisonment - and it's not Lauren Bolton

Roy Cropper sent to prison in Coronation Street
Roy Cropper sent to prison in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street fans think they have worked out a potential double return amid Roy Cropper imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit - but it's not Lauren Bolton. The teenager has been missing since the end of February and the cafe owner has been DS Lisa Swain's prime suspect since she started investigating the case.

Lauren's disappearance, which was first discovered by her new love interest Bobby, soon became a murder probe and the beloved cafe owner was quickly placed in the frame after he was revealed as the last person to see Lauren alive - and misguidedly deep-cleaned Lauren’s flat after she mysteriously disappeared in a bid to help sub-letter Evelyn Plummer.

And while Daniel Osbourne has also been questioned, it's Roy who has been most under suspicion by the police and true crime ghouls online who have been cruelly targeting the street stalwart.

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During Monday's (April 15) episode of Corrie, Roy was seen in a cell after he was charged with Lauren's murder. He could be seen writing a letter after he was denied bail, with solicitor Dee-Dee eventually delivering it to Nina.

In a post from the ITV soap's social media team, the contents of the letter were revealed, with Roy apologising to individuals who he had mistreated in the past. "I fear it has been my naivety, perhaps, and my arrogance to assume that being innocent means one will be seen to be innocent," he began. "I have been unkind to people who have counselled me against certain actions.

"Nina, Carla, for this I apologise. Evelyn, I wish you to know that your friendship has been… The word that comes to mind is essential. For my lack of appreciation and my ingratitude, I am truly sorry. Dee-Dee informs me I should stop writing now. Yours Roy."

Meanwhile, in court, the CPS barrister painted Roy as a murderer with a violent past and listed his crimes, including the assault on Gary Windass and the abduction of Wayne. Later, Dee-Dee put forward her client's case and urged the judge to grant Roy bail. However, the judge refused the application and ordered that he be held in custody until his trial and he was seen cuffed and being taken back to his cell in front of his heartbroken family and friends.

Dee-Dee wasn't able to spare Roy from a prison cell as he was denied bail -Credit:ITV
Dee-Dee wasn't able to spare Roy from a prison cell as he was denied bail -Credit:ITV

And Corrie fans think Roy's stint behind bars could see a return of two characters - one who has been in prison for a couple of years and the other was recently sentenced to six years.

@homebrew19721 commented: "Maybe roy will share a prison cell with harvey or damon #corrie." @TellyVsPodcasts said: "Maybe Roy can be cell mates with the friendly faces of hard men Harvey & Damon #corrie." @chippytea_ asked: "Can we at least get some prison scenes with Roy, Harvey and Damon? #Corrie."

@ScouseKate7 shared: "Roy will need Damon and Harvey's protection in prison but at a price #Corrie #FreeTheWetherfieldOne." @topgooner100 posted: "This was a big chance for #Corrie to stick Roy in with Damon & Harvey Would be hilarious." @Garcon_Marc added: "We need a spin off where Damon and Roy break from prison and go on a Thelma & Louise style trip #Corrie."