Coronation Street killer Stephen scores another victory at Underworld

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stephen Reid has managed to score another victory at Underworld in Coronation Street.

It was looking as if Stephen would be facing his downfall this week, after accidentally spiking his own tea with the LSD he'd been using to drug rival Carla Connor.

Stephen made a fool of himself during an important business presentation, then found himself agreeing to marry Elaine while under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug.

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Friday's episode (March 3) saw Stephen desperately trying to stop the news from spreading around Weatherfield about his supposed engagement.

Stephen managed to convince Elaine they should keep the news to themselves for now, only for Carla to berate him at work for messing around with their biggest client.

Carla thus demoted Stephen, ordering him to stay out of the American business and let Sarah handle things in the future.

Furious at once again being publicly humiliated, Stephen set off to buy more drugs, but he was robbed by two local lads who pocketed his money.

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However, Stephen's viciousness shone though as he turned the tables on the lads with a vicious beating to get his money back.

"Do not mess with me, boys. You have no idea what I'm capable of," he shrieked.

At the same time, Sarah was struggling during her negotiations with the Americans. Stephen turned up and announced that he'd come up with the best deal for everyone.

Later, Sarah returned to the factory announcing that Stephen had saved the deal by coming up with terms the Americans were willing to sign on for.

Carla had to force herself to smile, realising she couldn't punish Stephen because he may have just saved the business…

coronation street, stephen, sarah

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